I talked to my Hematologist about getting the vaccine. He thinks it’s a good idea. Of course I won’t get it in the first round but I want to be in line for it.

There are a lot of people concerned about its safety. I’m one of them. Here’s what I’m thinking – the vaccine may be new but the science of creating medicine is not. So I don’t have major, major issues with the speed at which it was created. My concern is side effects that are unknown. This means trusting that the risk of taking the vaccine out weighs the real risk of not taking it.

If I have no science to back up an experiment then I’ll go with good ol common sense. Here’s the thing – everyone in Washington is getting the jab first. If half of them drop dead then I know not to get the shot. That’s the unscientific test for the vaccine’s safety. If Washington dies then I say no to the vaccine but if most live then I’ll get in line.

Really though. I have every intention of getting the vaccine. I’ve got too much to lose if I don’t get the jab.

My friends are rightly nervous but I can’t make the decision for them, nor will I pass judgment if friends decide against or for it. Each person must make an informed decision. But I hope enough people will get the vaccine that the world can move past this horrible, deadly time.


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