I know what it feels like to be sucked in by pain, all consumed, unable to think or breathe. At that time I have a plan in place to help me through. Yes, I panic. Yes, there are tears and even anger mixed with hopelessness and helplessness. All consuming pain means just that. Even if just for a few minutes, it even takes my ability to reason. I know pain can take from you all ability to function and think properly, which is why I don’t totally blame my CNA for reaching out to me concerning her all consuming back and neck pain.

Today, while on duty at my house, we discussed ways to alleviate her high pain levels. She knows she’s in pain but is not educated in it. When asked what type of pain, she was unable to identify it. Is it muscle pain, nerve pain or in the joints? Her answer was, I don’t know, it just hurts.

She’s 64 with several bone breaks and back injuries. From one pain description it appeared she was having nerve pain similar Raynaud’s Syndrome. Not being a doctor, I absolutely could not say. I just know the feeling of not being able to get warm in my fingers and toes, no matter what. Again, I’m not a doctor. I can’t say why she’s unable to get warm.

It bothers me that my CNA has reached out to me twice in one day for assistance with pain. Obviously I can’t leave her without basic information on how to manage pain. I didn’t suggest oils bc I don’t know her health, but I did suggest Golden Milk and that she use her TENS unit and the pain cream called Sombra. That is all I can do for her.

I just got a phone call from the office saying that my CNA will not be here tomorrow bc she has a fever of…… 98.3. That is not a fever! The CNA texted me all freaked out saying she is officially sick with a fever. Please people!

The supervisor that called me said that when he tried to call her she refused to answer, yet she’s willing to text me acting like she’s dying! Gracious sakes alive.

I told the supervisor I’m a bit irritated at the moment because she’s not standing on her own two feet with this. Yes, I get it. Your body hurts. But don’t keep leaning on the wrong people / person and for the love of Pete, pick up the phone when your supervisor calls to talk to you about the text you sent him saying you have a fever of 98.3!

Ok. I’m done ranting. Argh. I’ve got a nice cup of tea over here with a refill waiting. I’ve had all the CNA drama I can handle for one day.


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