More On Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

I’m concerned because there’s a reaction to the vaccine that scares me, thrombocytopenia. This concerns me because I’ve had it and nearly didn’t make it. My platelets dropped from 250 thousand to 16 thousand. The Hematologist said it was a total nightmare for him but that my bone marrow was working 3x its normal rate to get me back on track. There is no way on earth I ever want return to the hospital and be that sick again.

As of a few days ago Oncology /Hematology gave me another pass to keep going as-is for another 6 months. No medication changes, no new blood clots. My platelets and hemoglobin are good. I’ve fallen twice so they have warned me to be very careful. I fell out of the wheelchair. Long story. I’m ok though. No internal bleeding.

About thrombocytopenia in 2018. It feels as if I dodged a bullet. 2018 was something horrible. I sometimes still feel a dark cloud over me, though that is getting better. However, more time is needed to really heal from that horror. The last thing I want is to get the covid-19 vaccine and end up jacked because I’ve got a wacko disorder.

I was going to get the shot. I was going to get it for me and for the encouragement of a very understandably vaccine reluctant Black community. I wanted to do the right thing. It felt like something tangible I could do to help myself and others. Now it’s “just” wearing the mask, social distancing and praying others will get the vaccine if appropriate for their health.

I want very much to survive this pandemic and I don’t want to lose any friends. So far I’ve been fortunate.


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