Wow. It’s been raining all day. I mean raining like we’re going to need to gather 2 of each animal and hop in a boat. Of course my body is not pleased with the rain, but I have my handy heating pad that is 17×33 inches. I so love this thing. It’s better for me than a heated blanket because I get too hot with those. Anyway, I’ve got a good size heating pad. I’ve got my diffuser going strong. Now I just need to stop thinking so much so I can get a nap in.

The last few days have been difficult with anxiety being so high. I just can’t seem to get ahold of it anymore. I think lavender and patchouli (as well as other oils) can help, but for me the help has faded because the anxiety is no longer intermittent and situational. It’s continuous and crippling. When I have high pain, my anxiety is even worse.

In addition to pain and rain, I’m still waiting for my CNA company to send me a new person. Granted, there have been many, but I still need another. I asked my CICOA worker to help me change companies. I’m just not sure how fast it’ll happen. I have only had 2 companies. This current one I’ve been working with for 2 long years. They’re horrible.

There really is no news other than rain and pain with a high probability for anxiety attacks. I’m not so bad off I’m in danger of self harm.

My last thought on anxiety is that my doctor raised my Cymbalta to 60mg twice daily. This change should help with pain (I really hope so) as well as anxiety (I really hope so!). He increased the meds a few weeks back but for various reasons, known to him, I wasn’t able to start the increase unil a few days ago. I hope to see some improvements soon.

So that’s all. Now that I’ve written a few words and cleared my head a bit, I hope to take a nap.

Until soon,


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