After 2 years of abuses, I fired my CNA company today which is a few days earlier than planned. It’s been a long rough road with them and I ended that abusive relationship today. I don’t have another company to replace them yet but Jehovah’s Witnesses are going to care for me until I get another one. While I don’t have another company hired, I do have 3 companies lined up with one that I’m interviewing Thursday morning at 11am.

Today was so bad that I just cried and cried then told them to never come back! About 15 min after firing them I had a therapy session. After talking to Dr D I talked to my CICOA worker. Both were very understanding and totally shocked at what happened.

Right now I’ve got my lavender turned on in the diffuser and I’m about to sleep. I’m exhausted but looking forward to life without that company because enough is enough.


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