I chronicle my CNAs because I think it’s important to let others with care know their stories aren’t the exception and that they aren’t crazy.

I’ve been with this new company nearly 2 weeks and I’m a bit discouraged but not beaten down like with my former company. Never again will I be beaten down by a company that is paid well to care for me.

This company is a “mom and pop” company which is very “interesting.” First let me say that Hoah didn’t work out because she was unable to manage with her bad knees. So a second girl was send that I’ll call Star. Well, Star did well in the interview with me. She said all the right things. Long story short, she was not the good and dedicated worker she claimed to be. She not only told me that at one time she wanted to kill herself and her 6 children, but that her son is actively involved in illegal activities that she was willing to bring to my home. Star quit on her own after only 3 days.

So what about care? The last 2 days have been half days of care by one of the owners. Tomorrow the main owner’s HUSBAND will be my care giver for 6 hours. I will have no care this weekend only and that is by choice.

I was never given a straight answer on what his credentials are to give care in the home, other than being married to the owner.

I told the second owner that I’m not comfortable having a male aide for weeks on end. She hinted that I’d have him until a new person was hired for me. Then she said her MOTHER sometimes helps out. She worked for the state but is not a CNA or home health aide. This is why I call them a mom and pop care company. Never in my life have I heard of such things.

Tomorrow starts the full day that I spend with the main owner’s husband. I don’t anticipate any problems it’s just very, very unprofessional and odd to send family members who are not CNAs. This isn’t a mom and pop sandwich shop but a care company.

So, I’m discouraged. I’ve set a time frame for when I expect to have a full-time aide. After that time period I’m on to the next company. I don’t like hopping around but I’m not going to waste time if it becomes clear that they can’t do what they said they could do.


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