Well, the “Pop” side of Mom and Pop that I wrote about yesterday is actually in an administrative position in the now 4 month old business. He was quite delightful. I had a good day.

I explained to him that I’m coming from a very bad company and I come with scars. I gave him an ear full of stories from the old company, which he was disgusted by.

I told him that the biggest thing people do when they get here is forget I’m not a friend. They spill their guts. It’s awful.

So anyway, the day went well. Tomorrow owner 2 will be here to assist with one of my shower days. I just need someone here in case I fall, they can push the life alert button and cover me up until the ambulance gets here. I refused to shower with Pop here.

I explained to him and to owner 2 that I won’t be open to him being here weeks on end. I’m hopeful that they will find someone suitable.


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