I’ve blogged about so many aides that it must be hard to keep up with, much like keeping up with the Kardashians. You never know who is going to act out this week…

So, I changed companies but things haven’t been as smooth in the transition as I would like. However, they did get me an aide that I truly, truly believe is a good fit. I didn’t get to keep Hoah, someone I just adored but who couldn’t handle the cat or the amount of walking in my building. It really is a long building with amenities at opposite ends. You can’t do laundry and take out the trash in the same day without stopping for a picnic lunch. Long, long trek. Here I am in a manual wheelchair trying to make my way down the halls. It’s surely a chore.

The new CNA likes Joe, which is good bc the last CNA I had said she “hates cats.”

Who could hate Little Joe Schmoe? She wanted me to keep him away from her. I think Joe knew she had ill feelings because he was bent on getting close to her, rubbing against her leg then running. He was almost like, “You’re gonna love me!” When he’d sneak a little leg rub that CNA would laugh and say, “He’s determined isn’t he?” She never swatted at him or anything but she accepted that despite not liking him, Joe liked her.

My buddy is definitely lovable.

I’ve spent most of the day in bed attempting to recover from the high pain levels. I’m back down to an 8, which I’m used to, but I’m exhausted from the 9 and 10 from last week. There’s fear that I’m going to hit that level 10 pain again and start vomiting. The new CNA will need to run my rug shampooer. That’s so embarrassing and exactly why I again requested pain meds. The doctor I got them from is my new doctor. He’s the one who doubled my Lyrica for pain management. I accepted that double but when it rains, when the barometer drops, oh boy is it torture!

Having pain meds feels like I won the lottery! I don’t have to double over with no one caring enough to act. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the relief.

The first day I took the pain meds I got down to a level of pain with relief I’ve not felt in years. I didn’t cry from the relief but I certainly was moved by it, and paused to savor the moment.

I will not let my CNA know I have pain meds. It’s better that I don’t. As far as she knows, I still don’t get them. It’s just better all around that she not know.

Ok. Well. It’s time for tea and some reading. I just wanted to write that I’m thankful all around, for the current CNA, for Little Joe the cat and for my doctor who cared enough to act on my behalf.


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