When I showed up I filled out paperwork and went in the room with the nurse. She looked at the paper, looked at me, then excused herself. She returned a few moments later with the pharmacist who asked for more details about my health. After a few questions and being really clear that my Hematologist cleared me for this shot, he gave the go ahead. He also volunteered that there are two vaccines that I should avoid. I told him that my Hematologist agrees. He signed the papers. I got the first of my Moderna shots.

While in the waiting room being observed, I had a little bit of blurry vision and some light headedness. Later in the evening, at home, I had lower back pain. I looked up online if lower back pain is associated with the Moderna vaccine, and it is. What I experienced was not normal for me and was severe enough to require two extra strength Tylenol. I then slept for a good long time, which is normal for me whenever I leave the house for any length of time.

I know my second shot will come with more severe side effects. That’s ok, I think, because people have lost a lot with this virus. It is the least I could do to get the vaccine then deal with a temporary inconvenience. Others are dealing with long term covid symptoms and the loss of loved ones. What, then, can I complain about, something short term that I’m going to recover from? If it saves my life and others, I’m all in.

I got the same vaccine as Dr. Fauci which makes the choice feel a bit safer. I was quite pleased to hear he had Moderna and that he has also endured the symptoms of the second shot.


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