There are several random things I want to note so I decided to do a mosaic photo collage and then list off the meaning.

Image 1 – I smile because there are still things to smile about, they’re just sometimes hard to find. I look for them though. I’m still working in my gratitude journal because I think it’s important to always see and remember the reasons I have to smile and to get up in the morning.

Image 2 – Accountability. This piece was drawn after the FedEx shooting where 8 people lost their lives only 14 miles from my house. I lost two days of sleep and my head felt very twisted. I took to my sketchbook and expressed myself just a little bit. As I said in the drawing, the times are stressful.

Image 3 – I am going to sew my very first boy doll. Dr. D and I talked last week about how I don’t have much connection to little boy dolls. It’s hard for me to want to be connected. We discussed how part of my abuse was that the mother wanted to cut off my braids and call me a boy. She asked many times if I wanted her to do that. I’ve never wanted to be male I just always thought their t-shirts were cooler than girl’s t-shirts. So the little drawing is of me dressed in jeans with long braids that the mother wanted to cut off so I could be a boy. The 5 on the shirt was discussed today in therapy. I intend to keep the very first male doll. I’m certain there will be more but the first one is all mine.

Image 4 – There’s a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel which means I’m closer to redesigning my frog terrarium. I’ve got 4 frogs, all brothers, who will get an upgrade with a bit of color in their home. All the frogs are 4 years old now, still very young since their life expectancy is 15 years in captivity.

Image 5 – I’ve nearly completed redesigning my tiny efficiency apartment. The sections look really good. The kitchen is last though. Next Friday I’m going out to find some nice pots and pans because no kitchen is complete without a great set of pots and pans. Shown is a terrible shot of my Japanese cast iron tea pot beside one of my favorite handmade Japanese tea cups. They’re sitting at my tea spot where I drink tea several times a day.

Image 6 – Home wouldn’t be complete without my fuzzy buddy Michael Joseph Austin (age 11) aka Joe Schmoe. I just love this little fuzzy guy. Little Joe doesn’t have any real updates its just that I adore his little face and like putting it on the blog. 🙂


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5 thoughts on “A Mosaic Life

  1. You don’t age, do you? I love this photo collage, it’s a creative means of expressing your thoughts on what’s going on in the world as well as a glimpse of your home life. Oh, who couldn’t love Joey? Seeing a plant or two in the background reminds me that I want to try my hand at keeping a few of them again. Maybe this time they won’t all die. I’ve also got lavender seeds and wildflower seeds to plant out back.

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