I thought I’d write a few words then go to sleep. I need to process.

My mind is troubled. I’m losing my CNA again, one that matches me very well but who has issues with attendance. The office says she only works here bc I want her as a CNA.

I guess the first thing is that I am worried she will be more unreliable as we go on. I’d rather bail now than get more attached to her. That feeling of wanting to separate may come to fruition bc as I understand it, she has been offered a job at the place she worked b4 the pandemic. She was making $3 more on the hour there and she really liked it there. So yeah, she’s taking about a return to them.

So, she’s going at a time when I’m not so attached that it’ll hurt. I’m awake stressing bc I don’t know how long it’ll take before they find a good person for me. The person that is leaving is the second CNA I’ve had with this company. I’ve been with them almost 2 months now. The first CNA was a good worker but full of drama. She was here 3 days then quit the company.

So far I’ve not had care only 1 day and that is bc my current CNA called off 24 min before her shift! There was no way to get me covered. I was floored that she was allowed to return. I thought she was allowed back bc they wouldn’t have been able to cover care for me at all. I told Owner 1 that I’d support whatever decision she made concerning my CNA. The girl deserved to get fired.

I’m not considering moving companies. With other companies I could have a bad CNA thrown at me with a lot of drama in my home. So far that is not the case. This company is trying, which is more than I can say for the 2 other companies I was working with.

I’ll shrug off this loss and hope for a few months with another aide that is low stress. They don’t have to stay forever, but they can’t stress me. That’s the thing that would make me leave the company, being given stressful CNAs.

This industry has a lot of turn over. I simply don’t expect a long term person.

What I like about this company is that they pay a lot more than others. Most CNAs are only getting $10 an hour. These guys pay $14. I appreciate that they pay a respectable wage. I just believe that this particular field has a lot of problems that a respectable rate alone can’t fix. But it’s a good start. They’re trying.


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