I got my second shot last Friday. I started having physical symptoms of the flu nearly 24 hours after the shot. However, I was prepared for just about anything because my CNA set me up with extra Gatorade, 7UP, a few sandwiches and a bunch of Kleenex. Boy did I need that Kleenex ’cause I hacked my head off. I didn’t really feel bad, I just had the symptoms without actually feeling awful. I coughed and hacked, my nose ran. I had a headache and at one point early on I had back pain.

That was the easy part. I’d been having asthma attacks for about two weeks before the second shot. I was using my rescue inhaler 3x a day. I finally called the doctor when for some reason I couldn’t catch my breath. So I got in to get treatment and as it turns out, I’m gonna live.

They gave me two inhalers and added Prednisone. I hate Prednisone. It’s wicked stuff but it will be helpful for the breathing difficulties and in managing pain. It does nothing for my attitude. I can be very, very touchy on this stuff. It feels awful.

My CNA is gone now, the one I liked so much but knew it was time for her to move along. Yup, she left yesterday. Now I have to wait for a new person. The person they hired for my Saturday person is very much from the same cloth as the girls from the other company. She’s full of drama. This ‘type’ can keep it together in drama-free zones for a short period of time. It’s like they only know drama and aren’t purposely being dramatic and messy. They’re doing what they’re used to doing but that’s never going to work here. I find it interesting that both owners are aware of how much drama she has in her life. That tells me a bit about them, too. I understand that no company is perfect but I’m starting to wonder if all companies really are the same.

I’m on the up tick for getting out of the Moderna symptoms and I’m breathing better. I’ve changed CBD companies, too. I’m using a much more affordable product that I hope I’ll be able to keep using.


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