If I didn’t know better I’d think there’s a black cloud over me. The things that happen in my life seem outrageous sometimes.

Yes, my medications make me gain weight but the main problem is my eating. I’m having a lot of trouble right now. The biggest feeling I’m feeding is loneliness followed by my inability to trust.

Last Wed I called the care company concerning the Saturday CNA, the one I wrote about recently. I let the company know that she wanted me to buy foodstamps from her and that she claimed to sell some to an employee. The CNA also said she had been rolling joints for a dialysis patient directly after getting home from treatment. I told the owner of this small care company all this. With what result? They fired the CNA and cut ties with me right then and there. They never said what I did wrong. They just cut ties and left. Whiplash is an understatement. That came so far out of left field, I never saw that sucker punch coming.

This exidus happened Wed of last week. They didn’t give another day of care and didn’t care that I’d be left. Since they’ve been gone, Jehovah’s Witnesses have been caring for me. Someone is scheduled to come here daily until the end of the month. I bet no one tries to sell me foodstamps or drugs.

In November of last year I had a uterine ablation. Until last month everything was fine. It appears that the ablation failed. Of all the things that have happened recently, this is the one that brings tears to my eyes. Yes, it failed. I’m right back where I was before the surgery! This one has me worried a bit.

Pain. Well, I recently read a suggestion about CBD and pain. From there I did some research, watched YouTube videos and read some more. Then I decided I to buy from a company that is right here in Indiana. I know this sounds like a commercial but, I’ve been trying various products for over 2 weeks now and I’m happy to say I’ve been able to keep pain levels under a 5. I was staying at an 8 before. I intended to do a whole entry on my www.3chi.com experience but it’s probably not going to happen.

Nearly last, not least, I’m doing well with the new breathing treatments and inhalers. Here’s that black cloud ➡ However, I ended up with oral thrush because for a week I used two inhalers (2 puffs 6x a day) without a spacer. So now I’ve got a pretty purple spacer, Peroxyl mouthwash and some toothpaste to get rid of the thrush situation.

I know stuff like this happens to everyone. I know when it rains it pours. Right in the middle of all this craziness, the water heater up stairs went out and flooded my kitchen and soaked my apartment floor. I have to dry out and see the silver lining. I keep well sealed totes of artwork under the bed, totes that don’t crack. I was pleased that the only thing wet is the carpet, a large area rug and the bottom of my totes. The sisters are going to shampoo my carpet. I’ll take the silver lining and go.


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