What a relief. I’ve been on the new cbd Delta-8 for over 2 months now and my pain has gone from a standard 8 to zero, on several occasions. It doesn’t stay at zero but it doesn’t stay at 8 anymore, either. The relief has allowed me to start and continue to work on several new paintings.

Joe and the giant sunflower

Joe, the art studio cat, seems to approve most art pieces.

Not at level zero is anxiety. It seems anxiety got the best of me concerning the CNAs. There’s no way these CNAs are going to change. Each company is sending drama my way. How I respond to it is up to me. I can’t expect anything but drama from these people so I’ve got to get back to checking my emotions and keeping my anxiety bellow paranoia levels. Not all my paranoia is CNA related anxiety run amuck, but a good bit of it is.

Unlike the CBD oil I had before this brand, I do have anxiety relief that piggybacks pain relief.

The CNA I have right now is trying hard to keep this job. That’s a good sign for me. I appreciate her good work and showing up most of the time on time. She’s missed a full day in 2 weeks working here. We even talked about if she needs a day off during the week that making it up on Saturday is perfect for me. Joe really likes her. 😊 He gets a lot of attention from her and just eats it up.

So, since the last time I wrote, my head has improved and my pain levels have tanked! Art has been created and finished but it’s the hardest thing in the world to get it photographed and posted, but I’m trying.


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3 thoughts on “Pain Level -Zero

  1. I’m so glad to hear this! You’ve needed this respite from constant pain and an endless parade of CNAs coming and going. How wonderful it must feel for you to be able to do your art again too.

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