Two weeks ago I was engaged in my tea ritual the same as I’ve done for years. I drank my tea in the “tea spot”, which is a place in the house where I sit and sip. So it all went off without a hint of what was to come.

The teapot being used at the time was a 50 year old Japanese, handmade, stoneware teapot. It was worth little monetarily but I was attached to it. I asked my current CNA to wash it but what I didn’t know was she was going to put it in the sink with other dishes and treat it like a cheap Starbucks pot. She broke it.

After the shock of it all, I jumped on the net and researched the artist who made the original pot I had. I found one in the style and size desired so I snagged it off Etsy real quick.

I wasn’t upset for too long. Yes the pot was old, but it was meant to be used and appreciated. That is exactly what I did for about 15 yrs. Now I’ve got another vintage piece of stoneware by the same artist. I hope to enjoy it in my tea ritual at my tea spot, for years to come.

The other pot appeared in many photographs and one oil painting. I wonder what art this new chapter will bring?


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