I’m still in my shell. Still quiet, still pain free most of the time. I’m without pain most of the time but I’m still exhausted, still foggy in the brain, still fighting Lupus and life issues. Pain free is huge though.

Dr D asked if my pets are to help with loneliness. I don’t think so. They used to, long ago, but recently the only loneliness I’ve felt has been related to the pandemic and everything being closed down. This long term plague has been trying, to say the least.

I really like the photo Sam on the rock in his little world. He looks so peaceful. Sometimes we have to look for peace and beauty. It’s still here, just mixed in with a lot of junk.

Joe Schmoe continues to be a gentle soul. Who stays close to me and purs like there’s no tomorrow.

There’s been a lot of art and a lot of color. I’m currently working on 4 paintings that are 9×12 inches. I usually do 7×10 but I felt like going a little bit larger. It’s still a size that can be worked with when I need to paint in bed, next to Joe.

I’ve got a really good CNA right now. She does miss a lot of work, one to 2 days per week. In most jobs this would be unacceptable. Home care is different.

This CNA has a huge plus. She has a great disposition and she has a car with drivers license and insurance. So I deal with her other issues. She’s not perfect but she’s the one I think will last a while.

I start working with a Psychiatrist on Thursday. I see the regular doctor soon and will wrap the month up with Hematology / Oncology appointments. This does not include Dr D every Monday or the fact that I’ve got to get to the dentist! Hopefully the dentist can hold off until September when I’ve got more time.


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