Caregiver notes

I put up with missed work (one to 2 days per week) because the CNA I have now is worth the effort to overlook common CNA behaviors like missing days or leaving early. In the last 3 weeks she has been here without fail and on time. Being here on time means a lot to me. She’s usually 10 min early!

I really like the CNA I have right now. We had some issues at first but we’re good now.

She doesn’t stress me out! I can sleep while she’s here and she’ll go about finishing her work. She doesn’t curse or tell dirty jokes. She dresses appropriately. I feel like I can depend on her for the most part.

I look forward to seeing her daily. My little one (age 6) is attached to her. Child alter personalities get attached to CNAs all the time. She doesn’t know I have DID.

Like I said, there were issues at first and there are things to weary of. This CNA has some PTSD issues, borderline personality disorder and alcoholism. She is a recent recovering alcoholic which means her job here depends on sobriety. She knows that. Right now she’s got a new granddaughter, is getting a new apartment and has this job, which she enjoys. It all hinges on sobriety.

I look forward to seeing her daily. I look forward to talking to her and laughing with her. She’s easy going and fits well here. Joe adores her. 😊

Medical Stuff

I can’t seem to stay out of the hospital. I hope soon to have a day with fewer symptoms. Despite being pain free I am still dealing with dehydration, fatigue on turbo boost, anemia and difficulty with my heart because of chronic dehydration. Because of the Delta-8 I’m not in pain at all, but my kidneys are weak and my blood work is all over the place.

The Hematologist / Oncologist has concerns. I told him I’m looking forward to a 5 year all clear. He blurted out, Faith, there is no all clear and won’t be for the 5 year mark. He might as well have punched me in the face!

This madness started only 3.5 years ago. I thought I’d get a 5 year clearance of no more blood clots but this is about more than blood clots. My kidneys, my lungs and heart are weak right now and I’m swollen as my body tries to fight off itself. There’s more than pain and blood clots to Lupus.

Despite being tired, I’ve been able to paint and create, work with the plants and fish and just enjoy the life that belongs to me. Sleep is better with Delta-8, anxiety too.


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