No CNA has been here in 4 days. She may or may not show up tomorrow, depending on how much drama goes on in her life this evening.

A person can be given every chance in the world to get it together but it’s still up to them to make changes.

At the end of the day on Friday she said she had an appointment on Monday but could still do half a day. Her home life is a mess so she’s dealing with craziness over there instead of showing up for her job.

I was well enough to be able to ask for help this time so some of the friends came to make sure I’m ok. Do you think the company owner or my CNA asked how I’m doing? No.

I’ll provide M & R with a key to the apartment. Someone has to be able to get in if I’m unable to get up to answer the door like last week. They are from my Kingdom Hall.

I will be getting a station for fluids by the bed so I don’t need to do anything drastic for something to drink. I could just sit a six pack of water by the bed but I honestly believe in making the area I’m contained to, as comfortable and inviting as possible. So for the water I’ve got a basket that will hold 6 bottles and a few fresh face towels. It’ll look nice on the nightstand.

My view from bed is great! I can see many of my plants as well as an aquarium from here. I can listen to music or watch TV. Of course there’s Joe Schmoe and his loyal, furry self. He could use a good brushing but other than that he’s doing well.

There are all sorts of dietary changes, including the bad advice I followed when I started drinking Gatorade. It was a doctor from the hospital who told me to drink Gatorade to help with electrolyte balance. That and Pedialyte are a no go for me.

Unfortunately I’ve got AV Heart Block. I’ll know a little more October 1st about exactly what this means for me. That’ll be one heavy day of information.

I got my second wind, but it didn’t last long. It’ll be back soon, I’m sure.


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