We’re going to wait another 30 days to see if other treatments will further postpone dialysis.

Heart block. Evidently the right and left side of my heart don’t beat the same with electric impulses. It is safer to have it on the right side of the heart than the left. It is not the same as blocked arteries or anything like that. As my doctor explained it, in many, many cases (including mine) immediate surgery is not needed. I may or may not have a pacemaker sometime down the line. This issue sounds horrible but I can safely put it aside for now and focus on the kidneys and managing other Lupus issues and pain,

The last time I wrote I mentioned how spuratic care has been. In two weeks time I had four days of care. Now I’ve changed companies for the fourth time in 4 years. The new company starts Monday. It won’t be good. I just hope for better.

I also now have bottled water by the bed, in a nice basket so that I never have to worry about something to drink if I can’t get up out of bed.

The CNA and I cleaned out a drawer by the bed (not seen in photo) so I can store art supplies and more water.. Here are a few photos of my view from bed.

My bedroom area in efficiency apt

My little room in my little home that I share with my not so little cat.

Room ddivider with shelves

Plants on the room divider

5 ggallon Betta pond

Aquarium run like a small pond.

This is the view of the ceiling with my Nebula projector on. I still love this. It sets the evening mood just right.

There’s all sorts of stuff to keep me occupied. I definitely feel prepared for a long haul.

Thank you to everyone who made a purchase from my Redbubble print shop this week. Hopefully my Etsy shop will reopen in a month or so.

Until soon,


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