I recall my Oncologist / Hematologist in 2018 telling me, while I was in the hospital, that he was treating me with tiny amounts of medication at a time because my blood system and organs were very sensitive. He’d treat me with what he referred to as “drops” of this followed by “drops” of that. We are in 2021 addressing some of the same issues.

My Oncologist oversees my care. Everything from Gynecology to Dentistry is affected by my main illnesses. All new medications and all procedures have to be “approved” by the Oncologist. He offers guidance and of course, expertise. I trust him.

The Oncologist explains risks to me very clearly and he does not sugar coat. Long story short, I was given medication that we all knew carried a good risk for me, but we had to. So for the last week I’ve kind of been holding my breath just hoping to make it through. I did have a few manageable side effects, and the health of my blood was affected, but we accomplished what we needed to accomplish. I’m now off that medication, with no obvious or permanent issues. We now go to the next step in treatment.

As far as general pain goes, as long as I use the new pain meds I feel so much better. I used to pay $119 but those people raised it to $149. I searched for something comparable but found nothing.

I purchase every other month with November being one of those months. Well, I’m still going to pay it! I can’t back out now. I’ve had a taste of life without crippling physical pain. I will find a way to get it. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it but I do know that I can’t go back to life that hurts so badly that I vomit or lose consciousness.

This is another situation that won’t be solved over night.


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2 thoughts on “Managing My Health Second by Second

    1. Thank you Patches for reaching out. This means a lot, it really does. Right now I’ve got what I need. I would like to be able to see if I can adjust a few of my finances to make up for the high mark up. If I’m unable to shave off enough here and there and I’ve run out of options then I will gratefully accept small donations.
      Faith 🌸💜

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