I’m still safe but depressed.

I wanted very much to tell my Psychologist Dr. D that no more CNAs will come to my home other than one hand chosen by the brothers from my Kingdom Hall, but it doesn’t work like that. And it is not realistic to think I could ever manage even 50% of daily life without a seriously modified home. I felt like I was letting him down by allowing an aide to return.

The brothers are diligently looking for a person for me but it’s not an over night process. It’s going to take time. As we wait I’m going to return to the last company I was with so that a specific aide can work with me.

This aide is imperfect and she does not have her life together. She did a few really dramatic things that I actually fired her for, twice. Remember the girl who came to work twice talking about how she had all the symptoms of coronavirus? Yeah. That’s her. I know what you must be thinking, why her? It’s a very long and detailed story but I’ve got an OTC COVID-19 test just waiting for her when she freaks out thinking she’s dying! WOW!

There were other issues that I don’t need to go into in detail, but the thing that stands out about her is the ability to see beyond the nose on her face. She is primarily a reasonable person who did some unreasonable stuff. But compared to others that have been here, this girl is a walk in the park. I know who she’s going to be when she walks in the door… on time. I need the consistency.

So after some back and forth between me and the company and the CNA, we have an understanding that honesty seems odd compared to what I’d been requesting since 2018.

A manageable CNA will return Tuesday. She will not be backed up by the company on days missed. Instead the 2 people I call family will assist until someone else is found for me. So that is where we are with care.

No one expects this CNA to be anyone other than who she was. In other words, I don’t expect her attendance to change much. I know going in that she’ll put in 3 days a week, that’s it, but it’s tolerable care with back up from my friends and family. This is the best we can do right now.

I’ll write a tad more in a different entry.


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