I about flipped when the website increased their price so drastically for what controls my pain. I panicked, because that’s what I do. I panic. Then I tried to shave an already thin budget. That didn’t work. While I do have enough money to make my purchase today, I wondered how on earth I’m going to keep this up. After calming down again, I decided to use my rainy day funds until another money source presents itself.

Is it not a rainy day? If you ask me, it’s a downpour.

This may get uncomfortable for some but, I’m about to speak openly about government assistance and foodstamps.

Many have been fed the lie that people on assistance get a lot. Well, today I got my approval letter with the monthly amount that included a 25% increase. With the increase I get $56 a month for food.

I really needed to say that because as a whole, you can’t just live off the system, Even if a person had $1,200 a month in stamps they can still only buy FOOD. You can’t purchase laundry soap, deodorant, restroom tissue, feminine products, or anything like that.

People on foodstamps can’t even buy food in the store that is prepared and hot. For instance, I can purchase a whole, rotisserie chicken at the store but only if it’s cold. It can’t be hot. If I purchased a sandwich at a gas station and wanted to heat it up in the microwave, I couldn’t do so if it was purchased on foodstamps. Nothing hot, and I can’t use the microwave! Why?

Off ttopic gripe. My microwave died. I was like, gracious, why now?! I was able to get one yesterday. Of course that took a chunk of my rainy day funds!…….. end gripe……

During the pandemic I was able to qualify for a monthly increase in stamps that will continue until the state of emergency is lifted in Indiana. This took my stamps to a very temporary, and very welcome, $200. Each time I’ve gotten that amount I managed to keep my monthly food budget at $175. The other $25 I left on the card to build up a rainy day amount of food stamps because they will soon go back to $56. Putting back for a rainy day is so important, even if it’s just a little bit on a foodstamp card.

Since I wasn’t using my own money for food but was given $200 in stamps, what have I been doing with the extra money? Partly I’ve been trying different types of cbd oils to manage my pain. Now I’ve got the right product but they want an arm and a leg for it. Like I said, I can pay for it right now but things will change.

This is where trust comes in. Do I trust that I will have what I need? Yes, I do. And I have to remind myself that I don’t need all the answers at one time. I don’t have all the answers for this, for my CNA care or my health. All I can say is, I’m covered for a bit with a tiny bit of cushion behind me. This puts my mind a ease.


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  1. I’m curious what kind of cbd you use to control your pain? I use Sunmed full spectrum peach/watermelon gummies to help with anxiety and to help sleep.

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