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What am I using for pain relief?

I tried all sorts of CBD but none really did what the Delta-8 THC distillate does for me. Delta-8 is structurally different from “regular” Marijuana and works much the same. Why not use MJ? It’s not legal in my state but Delta-8 THC is. Because of it’s closeness to it, you may test positive for MJ. Please also see the disclaimer at the end of the entry.

What I buy.

The full name is Delta-8 THC distillate (thick, thick oil). Because of the dosage needed, I buy it bulk then mix it with a carrier oil to make a tincture.

I’m not the authority on Delta-8 so I can only explain myself here in simple terms which are not scientific. Here are a few other questions that have come up.

How I do it. This is going to sound like I’m running a cooking lab. 😂

  1. I warm the Delta-8 THC oil on a coffee mug warmer just long enough to allow me to work with it. I add it to my warm MCT oil in a dropper bottle, then shake hard. or
  2. I warm the Delta-8 THC oil, add it to a dropper of Everclear, and shake hard.

How do you take it? I use one or the other in my hot tea each morning. I can put the MCT one under my tongue but not the alcohol based one. I never smoke anything. To make a more rounded tincture I like to add CBD isolate powder to the dropper and shake.

The first question people ask is, does it make you high? The answer is yes. However, I need to be able to function, so I don’t take so much I’m smashed all the time. This is about pain management not getting high. I will say this, so far, no red eyes.

How long does it last? If I take one dropper of the Delta-8 in MCT oil in the morning, I have really good pain management up to 8 hours. If I take twice a day I’ll sleep very well and cover anxiety. It takes twice a day with a bump under the tongue for me to be pain free. A one ounce purchase can last 2 months or a little tiny stretch longer. I’m researching ways to make it stretch even further.

How long after you take it do you feel a difference? Using the tincture in tea in the morning around 9am means I can expect to feel my tincture kick in about 2.5 hours later.

How many Delta-8 products have I tried?

I’ve tried Delta-8 gummies as well as several of the Delta-8 THC tinctures. I didn’t find them cost effective for me and I hated that I had to eat a meal with it or the Delta-8 gummy may not be effective.

Also, I truly can’t stand the taste of their tinctures. They taste like castor oil and artificial strawberry. Seriously intolerable. The gummies were good. There’s even water soluble Delta-8. I so wanted to play around with that one!

Where do I purchase my Delta-8 distillate? After doing a heck of a lot of research, I went with a local company that also offers their products online. I needed to know a little about the company before purchasing. I feel safe buying directly from the source instead of a third party person. It’s the same as buying anything, trust your source. www.3chi.com.

What else does it help me with? I think it helps me with anxiety around going to bed. I believe gummies or their oils would be good for anxiety use, and cost effective. It helps with my appetite and nausea but it primarily helps with the amputation pain and Lupus.

Mental health and Delta-8. I’ve noticed something very interesting. My dissociation is amplified while using Delta-8. My doctors are aware of it.

Disclaimer This tad bit of information is only about my medical use of Delta-8. I don’t know anyone at www.3chi.com and will not benefit in any way shape or form for saying which company I use. This entry is not intended as medical advice. My main doctors are very well aware that I use Delta-8. Delta-8 can interfere with certain medications and may not be appropriate for all conditions.


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