I put a call in to the brothers at the Kingdom Hall. They do fully understand the emotional and spiritual distress these CNAs bring here. Going back to the old way of getting assistance from CNAs is not on the table.

I feel like using those companies was like walking through a mine field in hopes of making it to safety.

I was reminded that my current thinking isn’t accurate and that feelings aren’t always the same as truth. Yes, I feel like a failure. I feel like a broken, burden of a woman who could make things easier for everyone involved by dying. This is how I feel but those feelings don’t reflect truth. They also don’t take into account the life long devistation of dealing with a loved one who has committed suicide.

I know they love me and so I have wanted to shield them from me because I truly believe I’m evil and a burden.

I was reminded that someone from the Hall will be here for me until we know what the next step is to take.

It is my hope that Daisy is able to get herself together enough to return.

Last but not least, the place where I buy the Delta-8 called to verify that I in fact was the one who made a large purchase. LOL They are used to me making smaller purchases. I appreciate their concern.


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2 thoughts on “On asking friends for help

  1. My heart hurts for you. How soon will someone from the Hall be over to help you? Will they be coming daily?

    Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help make things more bearable, my friend.

  2. Hi Deb 🌸
    Someone will be here tomorrow. I didn’t ask for daily care but I will have assistance from them regularly, several times a week, until we find someone.

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