What pain relief looks like

My order came today. I’m jumping for joy.

In the middle of emotional mayhem, I’m still attempting to make healthier choices and come more in line with my advised kidney diet. One of the things I am very pleased to have done is to take my soda pop drinking from two 24 pack cases a month of regular 7up, to less than a six pack a month of regular 7up.

The very temporary way I did it was to drink carbonated mineral water. I took what I would have spent on pop and spent it on mineral water. From there I went straight to spring water. It took a month before I no longer craved the sugar drink.

I’m still not buying chips but I did need some cookies the other day so I baked a few cookies from the precut, refrigerator cookies at the store. I only baked half, then froze the rest.

My blood pressure is still normal as is my cholesterol.

Joe Schmoe needs some life changes, too. My CNA, Daisy, swears she’s going to get Joe a kitty cat treadmill. šŸ˜‚.

We had the diet talk

Joe is food motivated so I knew he wouldn’t turn down the new low calorie food, but I wasn’t sure if he would actually like it. It’s only been a month for him but he’s doing fine on it.

Sleeping next to Joe is like sleeping next to a toddler. Then I wake up with him sitting on my hip looking at me like, Get up. My bowl won’t fill itself.

Joe and I are slowly moving towards our health goals so we can grow old together, gracefully.


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  1. Great job! The flavored carbonated waters they have are great for when you crave carbonation. I like the Aha brand and bubly. They are non caffeine, no sugar added.

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