I might be a hippie, just like my mother said I am, as she threw her head back in laughter.

Towards the end of August I began to consider changing the scent of my apartment. I was known, for decades, to have a home that smells of lavender. For a few years I was even able to get fresh cut lavender, which really made the house smell great. However, I was feeling a change coming on and I have decided to…… drum roll…….. never let lavender go permanently. But I can mix it up a little.

I tried out a few scents but found few that describe what I’m trying to express. I loath fruity scents. I’m drawn to florals. I like musk. I’m moved when you mix an earthy scent with a light floral, which is why it makes sense the only two scents I can see myself at home with daily are Patchouli and Nag Champa. Interestingly, both mix beautifully with a bit of lavender. The main scent for my home is now Nag Champa.

I’ve had a few younger people (aides) ask what scent it is. They say, “It smells so good in here. What is that?” A neighbor from across the hall knocked one evening. When I opened the door she said, “I’m just checking on you.” I said, “I’ve lived here 3 years and you’ve never checked on me. What do you want?” She leaned in a bit and said, “Let me get some of that incense. That’s the good Nag Champa.” After several complements I was certain I’d chosen the right scent.


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