I’ve met with both therapists as well as my psychiatrist (pdoc). The pdoc doesn’t want me to restart Abilify. He’d like me to start a medication that will help with nightmares as they relate to PTSD. It’s an off label thing, a blood pressure medication. My Hematologist has to approve it because some meds can’t be taken with my blood thinner.

Dr. D and I talked about how I feel about 50% better. I I feel emotionally tired but not depleted like I was. That was so frightening to feel myself get worse until I crashed. It was frightening and ugly.

I still wake during the night but so far I’ve not had high anxiety to the point that I can’t stand it. So, that’s better. The pdoc wants us to focus on my quality of sleep.

I’m kind of resisting some stuff from Hippie Therapist. Despite his hints about my “morning drink,” I let him know that I will not even entertain quitting tea. You are wasting your breath. And while I naturally lean towards vegetarianism, I don’t appreciate how judgemental vegans can be. Who decided that faux leather should cost more than the real thing? I am confused.

Hippie Therapist doesn’t know I have DID. I know, right? I keep that so close to the vest, when I’m not saying it on the internet I mean. Besides, he doesn’t believe in labels. If that’s the case he sure can’t handle the DID diagnosis. I figure this is short term and only about self love. I’m not about to get into it about much else.

The amount of care shown me these last few days has been amazing. I’m humbled by it.

Facebook. I’ve cleared out my friends list except for 2 people. I’ve not contacted them yet to let them know I’m so over it. They are long time friends and it’s totally going to hurt. The little one’s are struggling with letting go, despite understanding why. We’re sticking with the clean jokes groups, frog groups, plant lovers groups and stuff like that.

I hate FB! It’s where you go to sharpen cruelty skills and to have your spirit broken. It’s not for a person who is sensitive, with thin skin.

Sundrip. I’m going to update the blog weekly until July 12th, at which time I’ll blog only on the private setting. No public mental health updates.

I will still blog about art and dolls on the public setting. My Etsy shop will open again. The Redbubble print shop is open. If you need to contact me for any reason, please use the website email address as follows: SundripJournals@gmail.com.

Now that I have more peace in my home, perhaps there will be more art. I hope to restart work in my therapy art book, which I will also post.

I went ahead and donated the massive amount of Crayola Crayons and an equal amount of gel pens, but I couldn’t bring myself to part with any of my colored pencils. The crayons and pens went to a woman with six grandchildren, whom I adore. They also got large paper, a few alphabet rubber stamps and all the flavors of Jolly Ranchers that I don’t like. Lol. I know, right? I take them out and save them for the kids.

The frogs are doing great. Joe is doing great, too. I’m doing better.

Until Monday,


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  1. It’s so good to see you and glad your a little better. FB – gave it up years ago. It was so disheartening to see those I thought profess the love of Christ but being so merciless in their hate. I hope you continue to find peace.

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