Recliner decisions. I was thinking about my recliner situation and several other household needs. I was thinking that if I purchased a used recliner even for $300 that it will take away from other needs. I’m going to have to move things around in my head and get creative.

My main issue with the roomy, leather office chair I have at home is that it doesn’t have locking wheels, and I can’t elevate my legs. However, at the time of this writing I’m in the office chair with my feet propped up in the wheelchair, and a throw over my legs. There’s a furry monster named Joe stretched out on my lap. We’re cozy.

But what about the rolling wheels? I need to feel like I’m in relax mode which means getting off my wheels with my feet up. I am going to replace the casters with stationary feet and call it a day.

Change out castors

The chair itself is comfortable and fits well in the area where I am. I’m keeping the chair thing simple for now while I focus on a few other things to upgrade.

Cooking Independently. I have a great table where most activities take place. Artwork, letter writing, wrapping art and presents, all happens at the big table. I eat at the table too. Now I have another idea for the multifunction table.

It’s no secret that I love to cook and eat. However, there are difficulties with limitations and legistics. The stove and counters are too high. I needed to safely bring things to a level that benefits me. I decided to use a corner of my table for small cooking items like a small griddle and gadgets like that. Being in the corner means I won’t roll over the cords.

With a small size griddle I can once again have a fried egg and bacon. No more microwave eggs. I really need pancakes, and I miss grilled cheese sandwiches. Fortunately my Panini maker opens flat into a decent size griddle, filling most of my needs. But I do need a small purchase to seal the deal –

It’s all about the table. I have to protect the table from heat and scratches but I also need things to match and look nice when not in use. I decided to add a 14 x 14, dark acacia cutting board (with feet) to the corner of the table. The color and size are perfect. This will let me cook with safer equipment at a height that benefits me. When able, I can cook some of the foods I miss.

In a very short period of time things changed financially over here, as spoken of in my last entry. Food stamps will go from $200 a month to $56 a month. The internet will go from $19 to $70. I pay $120 a month for a housekeeper to come twice a month. Pandemic aide will end sooner than is legally allowed because Indiana chose to end relief April 15th instead of June. I’m feeling a little heat right now. I’m a little nervous.

I know I’ll be able to afford all my needs and some wants, including all medications such as Delta-8 THC. I don’t have to worry about that for another 5 months. However, in order to meet the majority of my goals, I need to assess the situation, take stock of what I have and begin to prioritize. I also know I’m not a “this will do until I can do better,” kind of person. I’m not going to settle. I’d rather wait for what I want and work with what I have. It’s much less work than say to bring in a temporary chair, only to take it out again in a less than a year – not when I have something I can work with.

I take a lot of pride in my little home. I need it to be inviting and open, yet handicapped accessible.


  • Its been drama free here at home, with moments of mental stillness.
  • Sunday I’m going to the Hall in person for the first time in 2 years. Like everyone else, I’ll be wearing a mask. I’m so excited! I know I’m going to be overwhelmed but I’m still going. No hugs though.
  • I don’t have therapy until Wednesday because Dr D is off.
  • I’m going to get the yearly COVID-19 booster if offered. I didn’t survive 2 yrs of pandemic isolation to roll out of here unprotected.
  • I don’t think adding the board and updating the restroom will do much to immediately change depression. What I’m doing are quality of life upgrades that will bring benefits over time.
  • I had not yet made the restroom my own. I’m doing that now in hopes of making showering less emotionally traumatic.
  • My child alters asked for baked S’mores. The ingredients will be here Friday.


No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.

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