Friday evening there was a shooting just feet from my apartment door. I was so scared. I couldn’t stop shaking. Then police officers were all over the building. I’m leaving a lot out. I was so scared. I shook like a leaf. I wondered if I’d be killed, too. The screaming and anger from the man as the shots went off was unnatural. He just kept shooting.

This wasn’t a mass shooting. It was an ongoing argument between two senior residents. It spilled into the hallway, but it was targeted.

I was on the phone with friends while rapid firing went off outside my door. I thought, if he comes in here I’m going to hang up bc my friends on the phone don’t need to hear me die.

I had therapy this afternoon. Dr D said I talked to him as a person who has blocked off feelings concerning what happened. I know I’m not allowing myself to manage those feelings. I just know that once again I was on the phone talking to a friend that I thought I was saying goodbye to. I didn’t say anything to the affect of, I’m going to die, goodbye. But in my head I thought I was done for.

It’s a scary world we live in.

One thought on “When neighbors shoot it out

  1. Another very traumatic event….at your very doorstep. I am so sorry. It makes since you would become numb for awhile until your spirit could catch up with your emotions. Humans can be so evil to each other. How are you feeling today?

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