Etsy went from a company I was proud of to just another money hungry corporation. I’ve been annoyed with them for a long time.

Etsy is now requiring sellers to link their bank account to Plaid. Whatever the heck Plaid is. I’ve never heard of them. Well, in order to link Etsy to Plaid, they want my bank password and ID. That’s clearly never going to happen. There’s so much confusion with Etsy leaving people in the dark.

I wish I could say that I care and want to hold on to the shop. I don’t. I’m done with Etsy. Despite the fact that I sell my own products and mail them out, Etsy doesn’t want to pay until I make $25. They could hold earnings for 7 days if I don’t make $25.

I’m very low income, that’s no secret. When Etsy holds money that long they prevent me from being able to mail the item on time because I often can’t ship it without the sale money. They are surely responsible for some of my gray hair since I opened the shop in 2007. (smh) They even raised the seller fee from 5% to 6.5% this year. It’s insane.

To make me see red even more, they have a clock count down on my shop saying 29 more days or you can’t get paid.

Ok. So, I’m not selling from Etsy anymore. But I’m not sure if I am required to have Plaid to purchase or just to sell? I want to make Etsy purchases but if I can’t do that either then so be it. They’ve asked for too much this time.

As soon as I have the answer concerning being a buyer only, I’ll know if I’ll have an open Etsy account at all. As far as selling goes, I just need to clean up a few things and that part will be finished with no sadness in the least. The shop sat closed for months. Closing the Etsy angle permanently and moving forward sounds very attractive to me. Etsy is not the end all be all they believe themselves to be.


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