I didn’t realize how destabilizing antibiotics can be. I’ve been trying to manage severe gastrointestinal issues, depression and anxiety which are more than likely related to 10 days on antibiotics. I had a few days left but I’ve stopped.

I feel like there’s nothing much to do but wait. I’m med compliant concerning all other meds especially psych meds. The depression has not lifted at all since my last entry.

I’ve eaten so little but I have managed to keep drinking water and orange juice. No vomiting. Repeated diarrhea. No fever. No cough.

I’m med compliant concerning all my other meds. Despite not wanting to get up to take psych meds, I do bc I don’t want to feel worse.

At least it makes more sense now why I’m depressed like this out of nowhere. I shocked myself the other day when I saw how close I was to falling into a dangerous area. I hadn’t even bothered to turn lights on from Friday to Monday. Then I canceled my caregiver for Monday bc I didn’t feel like I had the emotional strength to manage it. Despite her clear issues, I’d like her to return bc she does more right than she does wrong.

I’m hungry. I want a baked pork chop but I dare not. I’m going to cut up an apple and later I’ll have a baked yam. My CNA will be here tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have some real food then.

No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.