I’m looking forward to the Hug Faith Open House. I’m making sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies for guests. We’re having a few different types of tea for tasting.

I was in the hospital earlier this week. It’s my heart again. It can pump down but it’s struggling to pull it back up. My legs swelled so badly they hurt. The heart issue also explains some of my other symptoms including this crushing fatigue!

It’s funny, when I get home from the hospital I look forward to showering. I feel like I’ve got every form of bacteria on my face and everywhere the doctors touched.

I usually have a bunch of glue on me. I usually feel like my hair has been exposed to who knows what. Today’s shower was beautiful. Lol. The lavender and rosemary soap on my sea sponges felt wonderfully invigorating.

Joe is officially a cantankerous old man. Yeah. I tell people not to pet him. Some take a chance anyway bc they think they “know cats”. Well, I know my cat. He’s gotten testy in his old age. March 1st he’ll be 15 yrs old.

Sometimes I’m mad that he’s always been so standoffish. He’s not a cuddle bug, doesn’t want to be held and now petting is at a minimum. He doesn’t have to worry though, this is his forever home. I love Joe, even in his old man years.

Joe has a space under the bed where he can go to be alone. He’s got 2 other dedicated spaces in the house that make him feel safe.

I heard there’s a plug-in pheromone mix to help him feel better but I’m going with Peace and Calming by Young Living. I’d rather not use the pheromones.

He’s not crying at me all day anymore now that I’m back from the hospital visit. I know it’s going to sound crazy but I think all that coming to me and screeching in front of me, like a siren, was about my heart issue. I def needed to be seen.

It’s funny bc I finally, finally caught on to the crying. So far he’s not done it again. The last time he cried at me like a siren it was bc my blood pressure was too low and my asthma was acting up. I’m not sure why I didn’t catch on faster this time.

Once I realized he was alerting me I once again Googled if a cat can sense blood pressure. What conditions in humans can a cat sense? As it turns out, Joe was able to smell chemical changes associated with my symptoms.

Once I realized my heart was having issues there was one article I refused to read. It scared me. It was about how some cats can tell you’re going to die. I refused to read it. I still worry about dying.

So, I’m home, in bed. The cat is in my wheelchair which is inches from the bed. That’s where he sleeps. Sometimes if I take too long to go to bed, Joe will complain until I get out of his bed, also known as my wheelchair. Sometimes he’ll reach over just to touch me. He melts my heart when reaches out to touch me.

Earlier this month when the depression was heavier I stayed in bed for three days. I didn’t even bother to turn the lights on. The 3rd day Joe bit my arm. He didn’t break the skin. I think he wanted to know if I ever planned on returning to the land of the living.

It’s been a difficult month for us both, me and my Joe Schmoe. The thought of his little face not being here is painful. He’s going strong he’s just a little more moody. Despite his difficulties, he’s a really good cat.

Tomorrow morning an individual will come to purchase the Tomato Frogs. I hate to see them go but I need the money and the space.

The green tree frogs are staying.

Frog artwork and other pieces are now in my Etsy shop. www.Sundrip.etsy.com


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