First Annual Hug Faith Day. Grief.

People started flooding in around 12:30 pm. My last visitor left at 7pm. In all I had 18 hugs in person and three hugs by text. No one stayed longer than 30 minutes. It was good. My friends really came through for me.

One sister asked what’s going on that I need a hug-a-thon. I told her I’m grieving and I can’t seem to heal enough to truly move forward.

How do you love someone dead? That intense love for the living feels replaced by bone crushing pain. It feels like I’ll truly lose him, and like he’ll be lost with time, if I let go of this grief and pain. And it’ll be like he never existed.

I watched a movie where a father spoke of losing his son and father. He said he was afraid to let go of the pain for this and that reason. His friend gave a great answer. I’ll watch it again soon.

Today was good. It was helpful. So awesome!

I was able to sell my Tomato Frogs and the enclosure. This gives me money and a space to put a recliner.

Joe Schmoe. I switched from using lavender to using chamomile for him. In about an hour, boy did I see the old Joe who loves to meet new people and likes to be petted. He’s now sitting on me, which he rarely does anymore. I think I like the chamomile on the collar.


No need to feel nervous, comment if you'd like.