I finally put cameras in the apartment. It’s too cute watching Joe follow my every step.

Tomorrow I get a new CNA bc the old one actively destroyed our working relationship by being verbally mean and temperamental. Twice in one week she called me fat. She insisted upon calling Joe ugly even though I know she liked him.

Her last day here she came in and I asked for breakfast. At the time she was cleaning. I said, hey, can I get breakfast. She started complaining then she said she wanted to clean first. I said, I just need help getting the stuff to the table. I’m the one doing the cooking. She said she wanted to clean first then said, don’t start with me. Today is not the day. I said, today isn’t the day to ask for breakfast? She walked out. She said I’m leaving and she walked out in the middle of her shift which is abandonment.

She often gets around to helping me get lunch about 2pm. No breakfast. She is supposed to prompt water but won’t.

She was going to clean the restroom and kitchen then mop both THEN help me with breakfast. Why is it so difficult to start with breakfast like normal people do?

I told her that since she and the other CNA get off work at 3pm that it doesn’t make sense for my friend to stop in the middle of her day to prompt for 3pm meds. The CNA said no, she wouldn’t prompt for meds despite it being in her job description to do so.

The last few weeks with her have been insane! We had a good year but she actively destroyed our working relationship. Who says I want to clean and mop two rooms before I help you get stuff to the table to cook your own dang breakfast? She’s not even cooking it! I am. She’s just helping me gather stuff. No, I’m not waiting until you clean and mop 2 rooms! You’re my caregiver not my mother! She said, don’t start, not today Faith! I didn’t start anything. I asked for breakfast. How unreasonable can you be?

I know I’m over weight but being over weight doesn’t cancel my feelings. You don’t just get to call me names. In conversation she asked if I’d ever run away as a kid. I said I was very little as a kid and I ran away and hid in a hollowed out tree. She said, it’s hard to imagine anything on you was ever little. Then at Goodwill she showed me a pair of pants that I turned down. I said I thought my legs might be too big. She said, no, your legs are fat!

What’s all that for? Where was it coming from? It was out of the blue that she became vicious. It’s been a month that she’s been sassy and unhelpful as well as cursing regularly. I asked her not to so she dropped the F bomb repeatedly. The other day she was cursing within 2 minutes of arrival. It makes no sense. If you didn’t want to work here you should have quite awhile ago!

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I hope I have a new aide I can keep for a long time.

I feel vulnerable and unlikable. Only one of those is true. I’m sick of black people and their issues with cats and acting like I’m dirty bc I have a cat! The woman sterilized her seat every time she returned to it just in case Joe climbed in it while she was gone.

It’s not ok to say “dirty cat” or “nasty cat” or tell me the place isn’t clean bc I have a cat. I told her I wasn’t going to purchase clorox wipes so she could scrub my leather chair every time she got up. Ridiculous.

I had one black CNA cowering and climbing up the door because my cat came around the corner to see who was at the door.

It’s insane. Do better. When you can’t work with a domesticated cat, DO BETTER!!!


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