This is typed with no glasses at midnight. Please excuse errors.

I like everything about her except the fact that she knows nothing about being on time. At first it was just that my English speaking CNA would sit in the car and eat breakfast 15 past time she was to clock in. I said nothing. Time grew from 15 minutes to being late up to an hour and a half since the 17th of last month. She’s been at least 20 min late if not more since the 17th of last month.

Friday when I talked to her she said, this is what I do. I’m never on time. People kinda know that about me. I said, that’s not how a job works. They’re ready to fire you. She said, they won’t fire me if you stop complaining. The problem is that you keep complaining. They don’t care what I do but they care about you complaining. Stop complaining.

I said, that’s the definition of gaslighting right there. My response to your treatment is the problem. Just wow. That’s when I knew I’m not willing to save her job. She thinks I’m going to get her fired instead of her own behavior getting her fired.

To complicate matters, the company is taking her off my assignment soon but they told her already and they’re sending her back Monday until they find someone else! She knows she’s fired from my assignment bc she can’t be on time (or bc I complain lol) but they’ve asked her to return anyway. Why?

There’s worry she’ll give me some mouthy, mean comments that aren’t called for. The only reason she can’t work here is bc I can’t rely on someone if I don’t know when they’re coming. I can’t set up appointments like that. No, she’s irresponsible and it’s getting worse.

She said her friends know she’s like that (always late but will eventually show up). My friends know I’m like this, an adult who fully expects to work with other adults. I don’t expect people to be here at 10 am on the dot. I don’t. But 10:25 and beyond every single day is pressing me beyond the limits of my patience. To even ask me to allow you to saunter in when you’re good and ready is nothing short of laughable. She actually asked. She actually said said it. I’ll be here, I just don’t know when…….


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