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Watch Over Our Children

Copyright 2009-2010 @ Sundrip Journals. All rights reserved. It usually doesn’t take me 7 or 8 days to complete one painting but it looks like this one will need even more time. Seven days now but I’m getting closer. The painting shows a young African-American child walking through a field of sunflowers and wildflowers while […]

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Garage Sale Gone Wrong

We all know one, love one, a person who can’t walk away from a garage sale. She’ll turn the car around in the middle of the street or leap over fences to grab a cheap doodad.  There we are spectators in her compulsion. Helpless to stop her we choke on the dust she leaves behind […]

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Single White Bloom

“Single White Bloom” is for the Flower a Day Project. The flower was painted in oils in my 4 x 4 sketchbook. There’s something personal and maybe even romantic about a single stem. I think I like them better than a bouquet not just for a painting but on my kitchen table as well. *All […]

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Completed – Tea at My House

The original sketch was done in watercolor but this painting done on 9 x 12 acid free paper is mixed media. In addition to heavily pigmented oil paints I used ink, silk flowers and white lace giving the painting a real life touch. Each silk flower is dotted with metallic gold paint, each white bubble […]

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Ocean Four

A mix of Prussian blue, titanium white, sap green and yellow ochre meet peacefully to create an abstract ocean view. Ocean Four is the last of it’s series and is painted on an unused fabric softener sheet to create an original pattern which compliments the earth tones. Please see my Etsy shop for pricing details. […]

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Flower A Day

I’m enjoying my flower sketches before dinner. I’ll absolutely continue them. This sketch shows a house with a purple petal fence and a huge sunflower as a setting sun over a bronze colored house. The original sketch shows much more detail such as small gold flowers on the house and small blue flowers in the […]

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Flowers Before Dinner

This is a mixed media painting I did before eating dinner. I started out drawing in crayola crayon then I used crayola markers with water over the crayon. I smoothed here and there then added extra layers of crayon under marker until I was satisfied. The smooth crayon under layer makes working with markers very […]

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Girl in Rose

She started out as a quick sketch while watching television then quickly blossomed into a young princess dressed in rose, peach and blue. Painting details: Leaf below blue eyes, white flowers in her hair, pink flower on her cheek, cherry red lips, pink and white hair, floral background. fma

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Swan and Star

From the beak you can see this is a male swan, a cob. His arms are stretched wide where a star bounces from his wing and spreads light across the sky. Title: Swan and Star (this and all image on SUNDRIP are copyright protected) Art by: F. Magdalene Austin *All gallery pages are listed on […]

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Tea at My House

“Tea At My House” is the newest entry in my sketch diary. This particular teapot sits on my China cabinet beside dry flowers and few homemade candles in brass holders.  I purchased the pot for a dollar at a second hand store. This particular sketch diary/journal is dedicated to everyday moments such as tea before […]