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Thank you for visiting SUNDRIP – Art for Life

I pump out a lot of art. It’s already necessary to create a second page for available art.
Please know that you can purchase any art piece by way of PayPal or Etsy. Please contact me with any questions including financing arrangements. Find FAQ here.

Keep on the look out for Pay it Forward art.

For PayPal purchases please contact me and I will send you an invoice. Buyers may also purchase original art from my Etsy shop. Prints of selected pieces are provided by Redbubble. Special financing may be arranged. All shop links and contact info is on the sidebar. All copyrights apply.

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Available Art Gallery.


All rights to the images and ALL content on this site and on all Sundrip Journals belong exclusively to the artist.

If you send me an email it is not the same as receiving permission to use my work. You must receive back affirmation for use. Without affirmation you cannot use my images or works in any fashion commercially, non-commercially or for personal use including blogging or any social media.

The purchase of art does not transfer the right of reproduction to the purchaser. After purchase you may not reproduce the painting in any way.

Please understand that, as art is my profession, there is a user fee for the use of art work. The user fee is payable through PayPal only and will serve as proof of permission in writing. Again, this is my profession, it’s how I pay the bills.


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