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Therapy Review – Emotional Support. Siblings. Art.

12:45pm We had a packed therapy session with Morton in front most of the time. Current feelings Nervous. Lonely. Worried. Tired. 4:17pm I slept after therapy until 2:45pm. I’m pretty tired these days. In therapy we discussed the need to be emotionally supportive instead of abusing myself emotionally. I can support myself emotionally by being […]

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How I Price My Art

I’d like to discuss how I come up with the prices for dolls, original acrylics, original oil paintings, large art, small art, etc. I had no clue what to charge when I first started offering art on Etsy or right here, however online guides have been helpful. One can google how much to charge when […]

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Artist’s Thoughts – This is me 1

I am having the hardest time finishing this entry. The objective is simple, write a bit about who I am from several different angles. Before anything at all I am human. That puts me on equal ground with everyone. The second thing I am is a Christian in training. I want very much to know […]

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Artist’s Thoughts – This is me 2

As some know, this body of mine dictates if I will move or lie still. Due to a permanent nerve injury to my right arm, I can be limited in action, including holding a tea cup, a cane, paintbrush and pen. In addition, my eyes are growing dim. Strength in several areas of my upper […]

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Dolls. Bears. Frogs. Birds

I’m having difficulties with the shoes for the doll I made. I refuse to paint them on because I could see me spilling paint on her little dress. I don’t even know where to get dark blue or black socks. If I did, I’d leave it at that. Soo, that’s the hold up with the […]

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Priscilla Doll and Sunflower

I’ve had the itch to sew for a good month. I’ve finally gathered the dolls I’d like to complete and started adding their final touches. This young lady is a handmade African American rag doll with a hand painted face and handmade clothes. She’s a lovely girl, a shelf sitter girl to be added to […]

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Dry Brush. Dry Bones

There’s only one way to return to art and that is to jump in head first. Grab a brush, choose 3 colors, start the clock, stop thinking and dive in. I’ll scratch, smudge, layer and move paint until the bell sounds. I can’t see any other way to start painting again. I’m accustomed to creative […]