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The other night I thought the tadpole didn't make the traumatic trip from the over crowded shipment to the pet store, to the over crowded tank in the pet store then to my big tank. He hardly ever moved. I didn't think he was eating. I thought he was dead but what I do know about these buggers is not to assume they're dead, verify.

I took him out of the big tank and put him back in the 5 gallon tank which is fully cycled. I lowered the water level just a bit leaving several inches from the lip of the tank. When I got up the next morning Pickle was wiggling around eating the algae. Little Pickle is still kicking. He's alone in there, the water doesn't move nearly as fast as it does in the big tank.

I'll tell ya what, goldfish are cheap to buy but not all that easy or cheap to keep. Water changes are a must if you're going to get even close to their full life expectancy.  Read this beginners article on how to best keep goldfish.

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Twelve 5/24/16
8.5 x 11, Acrylic and Pencil, Paper

I'm always just strokes away from finishing a project, it's the same with the painting Twelve. I have a hand full of tiny details to do, then she will be finished. After her I'll work on one more of my pieces about this size then move into the larger paintings. The two paintings up next are at the end of the post.

My studio looks like the spoils of a police stings from the war on art supplies. I can just see a police officer putting his foot on my chair, and holding an extra large paint brush as he takes a selfie.

Perhaps it's only that great to me. I may be a bit biased but I love my little studio and I love the

Total and complete DISASTER ZONE
As long as I paint it'll never be clean. May it never be clean.

privacy of it. My living room used to share space with the studio but I really don't want everyone and their brother to see every single thing I paint every time I paint something. Besides, I can destroy this little corner by painting one 5 x 7. I don't want people to see how bad it actually gets when I start working. Having it in my bedroom gives me privacy which gives me the comfort to paint and hang whatsoever I please.  ...continue reading "Progress on Twelve and Studio"

Rose Walk 1Ever have one of those days when you were okay for five minutes but torn up the next? I've had several of those recently. I can't put my finger on one thing, not sure I need to. I just know my head doesn't feel right. I'm trying to help myself, pick myself up a little bit.

Rose Walk 2I had my nightly cry, sketched a little on the painting called Twelve and then decided to brave the stairs and take out the trash. Really, I just needed to be out of here and breathe.

I know I just said this on a blog I first read today. I said we see people walking down the street and they seem more grounded than we are. Well, as I walked around the courtyard I couldn't help but feel grounded. What grounded me? Choice. Having choices, not feeling backed into a wall, not feeling as if I'm at the mercy of life itself. Being outside with no nurse, no friend standing guard, just me, I felt free. The feeling of being stuck, of being in prison washed away quickly....because I let it.  ...continue reading "Walking With Roses"

At 7 inches small this little kitten with big baby blue eyes sits perfectly on top of books and dried flowers. She wears an oversized, removable pink ribbon and has tiny little gray whiskers. This little one is completely hand made, hand painted and is made of almost 100% recycled materials including her stuffing and the ribbon.  ...continue reading "Plush kitten with big baby blue eyes"

What I thought I might do on this blog is from time to time toss up an entry under "Artist's Thoughts." I'll do short entries about what goes through my mind when I'm painting, when I'm not painting and all sorts of things that I think in relation to art. The entries will be simple and to the point. I hope people will feel free to comment and throw in their two cents worth.
Here's the first one.

Sometimes there's no motivation to paint a specific subject matter, and I don't seem to get myself over to links that offer inspiration. What I end up doing is coming up with simple ways on my own of  'get my paint on'.

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