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Cats and Guns

Sneaky devils. Evil spirits, unclean. They crawl all over everything like maggots on a pile. Don’t trust it or turn your back to it. Cats bite. Yuck, they give me the shivers. I can’t do cats. Dogs jump on you. They bite. I never had a pet as a child. I am afraid of them […]

Cats The People Behind My Eyes

Frogs and Tadpoles

The other night I thought the tadpole didn’t make the traumatic trip from the over crowded shipment to the pet store, to the over crowded tank in the pet store then to my big tank. He hardly ever moved. I didn’t think he was eating. I thought he was dead but what I do know […]

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Progress on Twelve and Studio

I’m always just strokes away from finishing a project, it’s the same with the painting Twelve. I have a hand full of tiny details to do, then she will be finished. After her I’ll work on one more of my pieces about this size then move into the larger paintings. The two paintings up next […]

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Walking With Roses

Ever have one of those days when you were okay for five minutes but torn up the next? I’ve had several of those recently. I can’t put my finger on one thing, not sure I need to. I just know my head doesn’t feel right. I’m trying to help myself, pick myself up a little bit. […]

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Plush kitten with big baby blue eyes

At 7 inches small this little kitten with big baby blue eyes sits perfectly on top of books and dried flowers. She wears an oversized, removable pink ribbon and has tiny little gray whiskers. This little one is completely hand made, hand painted and is made of almost 100% recycled materials including her stuffing and […]

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Artist’s Thoughts

What I thought I might do on this blog is from time to time toss up an entry under “Artist’s Thoughts.” I’ll do short entries about what goes through my mind when I’m painting, when I’m not painting and all sorts of things that I think in relation to art. The entries will be simple […]

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It was cool enough this evening for the cat and I to talk a walk outside. Ms. Mary Jane is leash trained and does well walking around the yard secured in her kitty cat harness. fma

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Bella and Birdie

This multi-media piece was painted on tissue paper which was then mounted on a canvas sheet. The illustration shows a kitty and her little bird friend saying goodbye as the sun sets on their day.