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Artist’s Thoughts

What I thought I might do on this blog is from time to time toss up an entry under “Artist’s Thoughts.” I’ll do short entries about what goes through my mind when I’m painting, when I’m not painting and all sorts of things that I think in relation to art. The entries will be simple […]

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Explosion of Color

What would a volcano look like if lava flowed in color? I think it would look similar to the high texture painting called Explosion of Color.

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Japanese Maple Leaf Art

Nature dropped it, I picked it up and put in on a painting. So, how did I do it? I layered wax, acrylic and ink to a magnet canvas then added a single red leaf from a Japanese maple bush (Acer palmatum). It’s as simple as that and very fun to do. The painting itself […]

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Rochelle’s Dream – A Tin Foil Painting

. . A little Caribbean girl’s dream is played out on 4×3 inch tin foil. The foil was allowed to keep its “wrinkled” shape which adds texture and character to the piece. Painting Details: Gold leaf dress, brightly colored headdress, small black ponytail, tall white flowers, blue and purple sky, big yellow sun and a […]

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One Prayer – Child in Clay

I love clay especially when I can hand form something. I don’t have tools for clay work so I’m a bit limited. I still enjoy it but right now I’m uncertain how to proceed with this clay piece. I want to decrease the size of her nose and paint her either solid pearl or solid […]

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Recycled Ornaments

I ran across some small ornaments that I thought might be fun to paint. The original ornament is made of glass but with an adobe clay overlay, acrylic paints and water proof seal I was able to come up with a whole new look. The clay overlay strengthens the ornament making it harder to break […]

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A Little Bit Crafty, A Little Bit Zen

Question: If a neighbor cuts down his tree, will the artist in you hear it? Answer: Yes, and she will make candle holders. Not only will the artist make log candle holders she’ll grab polymer clay, hand shape a leaf and create a harvest themed ornament to lean against the holder. I placed the holder […]

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Flowers Before Dinner

This is a mixed media painting I did before eating dinner. I started out drawing in crayola crayon then I used crayola markers with water over the crayon. I smoothed here and there then added extra layers of crayon under marker until I was satisfied. The smooth crayon under layer makes working with markers very […]

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Swan and Star

From the beak you can see this is a male swan, a cob. His arms are stretched wide where a star bounces from his wing and spreads light across the sky. Title: Swan and Star (this and all image on SUNDRIP are copyright protected) Art by: F. Magdalene Austin *All gallery pages are listed on […]

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An Experiment With Crayola Markers

I had no idea I could use a basic crayola marker this way. All I did was draw a little of the picture then brush over it with a wet brush. Some of them I really liked but others I wish I’d done a few things differently. . . . . Copyright 2009-2010 @ Sundrip […]