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The Resilience Tree Series

The Resilience Tree Resilience Tree – Beginnings Resilience Tree – Risen We have not seen the last of the Resilience Trees. Next year’s creative goals includes a tree a day. I look forward to starting January 1st in a special book just for trees 🙂 Original art by Faith Magdalene Austin is available through PayPal […]

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Cacophony: Head Noise

Original surreal art showing an array of faces, colors, lines and expressive movement. Art Title: Cacophony: Head Noise Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin Size: 8.5 x 5.5 Media: Mixed, acrylic, marker on 98 lb sketchbook paper Finish: signed, dated, heat sealed, unmounted, raw Style: Surreal, Illustration Faith

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The Little More Girl

I finished her! Yay! She looks a lot different from the last post. What a difference a few hours can make. The Little More Girl has more hope and more ways to grow than she ever realized. I think part of my happy clap is the frog green dress she’s wearing. I also do a […]

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Hope and Art

They said if I wear this little patch it’ll help; it does. My Face My Art – The invisible illness becomes visible. It’s as clear as the art on my face. The three art pieces used in this addition of “My Face My Art” are: (drum roll please)

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Doodle. Art and Anxiety. Creative Endeavors.

I’m still on the hunt for a psychiatrist for better med management. I’m using a few different resources to manage the depression and anxiety now, one resource being art. I doodle because it makes me happy. I doodle because I’m anxious. I doodle because I’m bored. I’m a doodle bug. These were done while in […]

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Spark: Fire and Water

Spark: Fire and Water now has a wall of its own. Soon it will be safely packaged up and sent on its journey. Spark: Fire and Water is an art journal, two page spread that was offered in my Etsy shop. Sparks of color fly as her eyes open wide to take in and hold […]

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Getting My Hands Dirty

When I’m anxious I make small terrariums in glass jars. I make dry flower arrangements from flowers I’ve purchased or flowers donated by friends. I often get a years worth of lavender from a friend when she cuts hers back. I love that stuff. Thank goodness I don’t have allergies. I have all kinds of […]

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“The Last Laugh” Paintings

I was thrilled to see that two of my art pieces got a new home today, one of which is from a Jester series called “The Last Laugh”. The series illustrates the role I was cast to play while growing up. A Jester or clown puts on a false face, parades around and makes a […]

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Emotional Response from Customer

Today I sold the painting “Wait for Me – Let there always be hope”. When the individual saw her painting she was moved because she’s going through a lot right now. This is the moment artists love, we eat it up. As artists we put our very lives on canvas and hang it out for […]

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Half Time Consensus: Art Goals for 2017

We’re half way through the year so I thought I’d take a look at my goals and see the progress. I’ve listed the goals on my sidebar to have them on the front burner. CREATION WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION 2017 Art Goals 1. Create a brand and get business cards 2. Explore more abstract art forms 3. […]