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Rainbows and Daydreams

Rainbows and Daydreams is a painting from my sketchbook that shows a little black girl dreaming amongst the flowers. Media: Crayola crayons, Crayola markers on 6×9 sketchbook paper. Minor digital corrections. Art by: F. Magdalene Austin *SOLD*

Art Black Children Children Originals Paintings

She sings my tune, she knows all the words

A little birdie came to tell but I already knew. “She sings my tune, she knows all the words” is black folk art depicting a young black girl with a white bird on her shoulder sharing secrets. This original mixed media painting was created on 6×9 paper in oils, watercolor and ink. What I like […]

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Snails Three and Ducky

The mama snail I added to my aquarium recently had a few babies. I’ve watched these little tiny lives grow from the size of a pencil eraser to now the size of a dime. They’re so, so sweet.  For those of you who are unaware Little Duck is my nickname, which means the little duck […]

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Sketchbook Madness

. .Focus and grow against all odds. These two pieces from my art therapy sketchbook shown two figures with a central eye directing them through life. Both have one large flower included in the painting and a very still background. “Version Two” shows much more activity with the sun on her shoulder and pools of water […]

Abstract Art Art Originals Paintings

Square Box Junk Hiders

They’re made of acrylic oil and saw dust on square wooden boxes. The “hiders” can also be arranged on the wall vertically or diagonally, matching edges as you want. I like to make large earth like wall collages out of them by matching up the browns to look like an island and the blues to […]

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“Home” is a simple oil and acrylic painting with a childlike feel.  The idealistic setting of a white house and white picket fence is painted on textured cardstock. Instead of brightening the rainbow I used darker blues and a darker red then added a dark frame. This adds a nice “grown up” feel to a […]

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Tulips To Music

Tulips To Music is part of my Flower A Day Project. On a canvas sheet I printed the music to the song Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. I then painted open tulips in oils, added a few minor details digitally and viola, there you have it, “Tulips To Music.” One of the details I appreciate about […]