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Single White Bloom

“Single White Bloom” is for the Flower a Day Project. The flower was painted in oils in my 4 x 4 sketchbook. There’s something personal and maybe even romantic about a single stem. I think I like them better than a bouquet not just for a painting but on my kitchen table as well. *All […]

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Flower A Day

I’m enjoying my flower sketches before dinner. I’ll absolutely continue them. This sketch shows a house with a purple petal fence and a huge sunflower as a setting sun over a bronze colored house. The original sketch shows much more detail such as small gold flowers on the house and small blue flowers in the […]

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Flowers Before Dinner

This is a mixed media painting I did before eating dinner. I started out drawing in crayola crayon then I used crayola markers with water over the crayon. I smoothed here and there then added extra layers of crayon under marker until I was satisfied. The smooth crayon under layer makes working with markers very […]

Art Flowers Originals Sketchbook diary

Tea at My House

“Tea At My House” is the newest entry in my sketch diary. This particular teapot sits on my China cabinet beside dry flowers and few homemade candles in brass holders.  I purchased the pot for a dollar at a second hand store. This particular sketch diary/journal is dedicated to everyday moments such as tea before […]

Art Flowers Originals Sketchbook diary Sunflowers Women

Sunflower Stretch

………from my sketch journal. This is representative of me doing my stretches during the evening to relax before bed. Medium: Watercolor pencils on paper Art by: F. Mag

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Diary of an Uninspired Artist

Goodbye flowers, hello cold.  It seems during the cold I’ve lost artistic inspiration so I filled my sketch diary with paintings inspired by lack of inspiration. Goodbye sunny flowers. It’s oh so cold these days. The sun rays have left, they took with them my ability to create. At the table in my under pants […]

Art Originals Sketchbook diary

The Ominous Rainy Day

Why do we let the weather man lie? He says it’ll only be a light shower then the rain will stop. Two days later and it hasn’t stopped raining. We pay this man to lie to us. Why? Why do we do this? Why do I keep listening to this man, hanging on his every […]

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An Experiment With Crayola Markers

I had no idea I could use a basic crayola marker this way. All I did was draw a little of the picture then brush over it with a wet brush. Some of them I really liked but others I wish I’d done a few things differently. . . . . Copyright 2009-2010 @ Sundrip […]