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Heather – Greed and Mercy

Heather, I realized my comment on your post was soooo long that I thought I’d write the entry then go ahead and link back to you. The entry is called Something Different. It can be found on the blog by HA! called Alley Vision. Please visit her, you will not regret it. The first time […]

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Heather – Greed. Weed. Medical Cache

DISCLAIMER: This is gentle reminder to take care of yourself properly and do not read blogs such as mine for treatment suggestions. I’m not offering advice, I’m responding to a blog entry of a long time friend. Please remember to speaking with a knowledgeable person before trying supplements and herbs. You will cause more damage […]

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Therapy Review: On a scale of one to ten

Eight. I’m sitting on 8 after having been at a 9 for a few days. That’s the level of depression and suicidality I discussed today with my therapist Dr. D and my psychiatrist Dr. M. The depression stems from the pain but it’s a deep seeded depression. I was at the sink the other day […]

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The Master of My Ghosts

There’s an old, half blind dog lying on the porch. That old dog is me. . His daytime howl is common, almost a fixture in his home. He growls at shadows and charges falling, dry leaves as though they were a personal attack on himself and the dilapidated house he protects. He can hardly see. […]

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The deep end. The rational mind.

I stepped right off the deep end. I hit with a belly slap to the water that left me breathless. Then I floated. I rolled, gave in and let myself float free with the current. As soon as my eyes opened this morning I knew something shifted, something is different. I’m lighter and I’m back […]

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Care events and the girl in the open back gown

Monday was the therapy event. Tuesday I went to special evening services. Today, Wednesday was the hospital event followed by picking up a few things at the grocery store. Every Wednesday of this month I’ll be at the hospital that actually shows concern and where I feel relaxed, as much as one can be under […]

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Sundrip – art to come

Here’s the wall of work I wish to complete in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve had to pick and choose which pieces I feel I can focus on. There’s one painting of three girls that’s a priority piece. The painting where the young woman is waiting for me to give her a hat was created using […]

Anxiety Chronic Pain I'm only human Lupus PTSD The People Behind My Eyes Therapy Review

Therapy Comments: Shoulder. Anger.

We talked about health stuff which is part of the reason I’m angry. I herniation in C5-6, a pinched nerve in my neck and increased arthritis in my shoulder. The anger isn’t because of the news but the timing of the news. Nearly a year ago my general practitioner was told by the physical therapist he […]

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Random…. WordPress sent me an anniversary alert to congratulate me for being with them for 10 years. It’s been longer than that because I had sundrip.wordpress. I started on AOL then tried yahoo briefly. I moved to Blogger then WordPress before finally getting my own site using WordPress stuff. It’s been a very long time […]

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Purple Ribbon. Butterfly. Heart.

The sweetest little girl sits for her portrait in her lavender dress with a big purple heart. Her long red curls flow over her shoulders and hold a large, white carnation flower. The background image is a mix of blue, yellow and white. Water drops were added for texture. Above her head flies a purple […]