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Sweet Anna Bell – Ugly Girl

She’s been a long time coming. I don’t know why it took so long to finish her but, here she is. I present to you, ‘Sweet Anna Bell – Ugly Girl.’ Scribbled on the back of the paper she’s painted on dated June 10, 2013, I wrote: She’s tall, skinny and lanky. She’s wearing second […]

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Fire White Butterfly

A fire white butterfly with wings wide open spans 4 inches on rich earth tone colors. Wine, turquoise, gold, burnt umber and a touch of burnt orange makes the butterfly really pop off the 5 x 7 canvas board. The wings have been tipped with powder blue and edged with gold. Texture. Texture is key […]

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Let Her Fly

This piece was created in one night. I took the paper that already had sawdust prepped on it and I began adding shapes and colors.  My goal was to manage some heavy Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms I was having. I thought to myself, I want to go to sleep, but I can’t. I just […]


Sundrip – where do we go from here?

The art site is going to change a little bit. I’m going to talk openly about the process of the painting and the feelings associated with it. I’m not going to journal issues like I do on my personal blog, but I’m going to be a lot more open about the feelings associated with my paintings. […]

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Stay – in the works

I’m finding the new painting more emotionally taxing than I expected it to be. I decided to go ahead and photograph the steps so I can see it morph into its final state. The painting is called Stay. Dr. D and I talked about what it means. We talked about how the older woman (mother) […]

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The Sun Rises on Dust and Clay

The dream I had was a terrible one. When I woke I felt sick inside. I lay there thinking of what my doctor said, you can change your dreams. He said if I don’t like the way the dream ended then I can write out exactly how the dream happened then write how I want […]

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Sometimes a girl has to go Avante Garde and that’s exactly what I did with this piece. This painting called Lucid was created by using wet acrylics allowed to flow into each other to create a surreal, colorful yet shadowy, mysterious atmosphere. The blue face is part of the sky line and everything flows from […]

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Let the River Wash Over Me

This is an original painting in acrylic and ink on reclaimed canvas. The painting shows a female face at the edge of the canvas. She’s holding her breath under a sea of color. Her hair is red and yellow flames of fire that never extinguish. Even though black and turquoise water rush over her, she […]

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PTSD No3 Whisper

I had no idea there would be a series of paintings called PTSD but there is. . . In PTSD No3 there’s a river that flows from the sky right through the woman, past the eyes and forms the figures dress. The dress runs over the brick wall and simply stops. The paint on the […]

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Sweet Gardenia Folk Art

Sweet, sweet Gardenia why won’t you smile? The earth offers the power of blossoms as the Heavens exhale in color Sweet, sweet Gardenia, why won’t you open your eyes? Crumbling soul, child of despair Please I say, open your eyes. Poem and painting are Copyright @ All rights reserved Painting details: 4 x 6 […]