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Wish Falls Abstract Painting #7

Well, well, well. This is easier than I thought it would be and a lot more fun now that I’m really into it. At first I really struggled and stressed over the idea of pure abstract work. One has to let go, be free to do abstract. They have to let go of everything being […]

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art is the reason I’m not crazy

To the extent that I managed to translate the emotions into images– that is to say, to find the images which were concealed in the emotions– I was inwardly calmed and reassured. Had I left those images hidden in the emotions, I might have been torn to pieces by them…. Carl Jung If I didn’t […]

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Artist Thoughts: Seeing and an Abstract Journey

Seeing the Lines I’d like to learn to paint birds and I’d like to learn to paint more abstract pieces such as expressionism, contemporary and modern abstract. I really, really want to do abstract. I recently purchased an art pad that I intend to dedicate to this abstract journey of mine. When I paint an […]

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Inner Swim

The young girl sits with her legs crossed by a large koi. One finger touches the water, the other hand lays on her bronze and copper painted pants. Sand has been added to the pants as a symbol of stone. Beautiful, bright pink flowers grow in the garden. Her shirt is shredded fabric, linen pieces. […]

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What the Crows Left Behind

‘What the Crows Left Behind” is a surreal scene of empty bodies holding their hands up to the wide spread wings of the largest crow. The sky is a river of color boldly contradicting the color next to it. While some of the bodies are beginning to shape shift and morph into crows, others remain […]

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Its difficult for me to post art therapy pieces here but awhile ago I decided I would. It’s still had though. This piece is art expressing multiple personality disorder. It is a painting showing the need for one of the figures to feel pure or relieved of her burden. The painting shows all the movement, […]

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The small art piece shows a white soul standing in front of a tumultuous sky on a black bridge. There is fire raging beside her, a fire that glows in the sky. The sea rages beneath the bridge. The single white, faceless figure stands at her threshold. This textured, emotional piece is painted on sketchbook […]

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Thunderstorm on paper

In addition to the emotional process of creating this painting, there is a storm of art mediums. I do enjoy experimenting with different types of media. In this 6 x 9 painting on paper, I’ve mixed acrylic with sawdust and sand. There is also ink and gel with a final matte acrylic seal. If you […]

Art ART GALLERY Black Children Children Flowers Originals Paintings PTSD Women of Strength

Suppose I Could Fly Version Three

It’s a brutal war to fight one’s mind and body, but that is what I do with chronic pain and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My body fights to keep going. I feel as if I’m losing that battle. My mind fights itself. I sometimes wish to wave the white flag. But what if, suppose I […]

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Pan – An Abstract Panel Painting

The reason this painting is called Pan is because I hoped it would pan out.   Not all titles are equal. Pan is an acrylic and ink painting on heavy white board size 12 inches long by 3 and 1/4th inches wide.  Today in therapy I was asked why I do more abstract paintings than […]