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Sweet Gardenia Folk Art

Sweet, sweet Gardenia why won’t you smile? The earth offers the power of blossoms as the Heavens exhale in color Sweet, sweet Gardenia, why won’t you open your eyes? Crumbling soul, child of despair Please I say, open your eyes. Poem and painting are Copyright @ All rights reserved Painting details: 4 x 6 […]

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Swallow Lightening

by Faith Magdalene Austin Thank you for visiting SUNDRIP – Art for Life

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Pull to Pieces

Sold on 12/29/10 . Pull to Pieces is a small oil painting (5 x 7) created with the aide of a toothpick. One of the fun things about this painting is that it is painted whole and strong at the top but it begins to crack and mute towards the bottom.

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Diary of an Uninspired Artist

Goodbye flowers, hello cold.  It seems during the cold I’ve lost artistic inspiration so I filled my sketch diary with paintings inspired by lack of inspiration. Goodbye sunny flowers. It’s oh so cold these days. The sun rays have left, they took with them my ability to create. At the table in my under pants […]