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What’s wrong with me? An inner conversation.

What’s wrong with you? I’m angry. Yup, I guessed that. I’m wearing it like a blanket that I refuse to remove. What are you wearing under the blanket? Skill. Love. Motivation. Ok, I wasn’t expecting those things. I thought you were going to say exhaustion, vulnerability, etc. If you ask me, those are the reasons I […]

Anxiety Chronic Pain Lupus PTSD The People Behind My Eyes

Mid July Trip. Kids. Sleep. Meds.

It’s confirmed.  I’ve managed to have enough to get there for three days, then return. Betty said, “You know I’m going to worry.”  Yup, I do, but, I’m going! I haven’t been able to travel since 2012. I refuse to ever ride down with mom again. Never! OMG! That woman has a PhD in nagging. […]

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Everything – Fast forward

DECEMBER 27,2015. Times 32 on the multifunctional remote, flash blurred scenes for you. My eyes have processed them all, bit by bit, no translation of hue or tone lost to speed. I see. I hear. I can’t make it stop. Pulled plugs, short circuit, a hundred failed attempts to rewire. Still I hear every car […]

Anxiety Lupus PTSD The People Behind My Eyes

My emotions are raw – POSITIVE UPDATE

My emotions are raw. UPDATE – A positive update hasn’t been written yet. Please remember that my emotions are all over the place as I come off of Percocet 10-325mg for a legitimate health issue. I’m spent. This is true – he said that fms is a chemical response. That is a true statement. FMS is a chemical […]

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Dolls. Bears. Frogs. Birds

I’m having difficulties with the shoes for the doll I made. I refuse to paint them on because I could see me spilling paint on her little dress. I don’t even know where to get dark blue or black socks. If I did, I’d leave it at that. Soo, that’s the hold up with the […]

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Reconciliation and Peace Offerings

My mother has not died. She doesn’t hold the same sway over my sister as she once did. My sister has allowed me to take steps to reconcile with her. It’s strange really, to think I’d on some level have a sister willing to notice “peace offerings” left at her door. I have this image […]

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The Hide and A Little While Longer

I look at the drawing called “The Hide” and question how much I should reveal concerning it’s symbolism. I’m sure if viewed long enough it will interpret itself without me or anyone else having uttered a word. However, if one word were to wrap up how I felt as the ink crossed on paper, that […]

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What Remains – Surrealism and Recovery

When I painted this piece I wasn’t necessarily thinking about natural disasters such as a hurricane, tsunami or an earthquake. I was thinking of the disasters of the mind. I was thinking about events that leave us feeling crippled and isolated. What Remains is a painting with many brush strokes, strikes with a toothpick and with […]

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The Growing Process

Art Title: The Growing Process Art by: Faith M. Austin Medium: Acrylic, ink on artist paper, size 8.5 x 5.5 , signed, sealed, unmounted. The Growing Process is ready to ship today. Monday afternoon I showed a friend this painting. He said, “She looks sad”. I replied, “You would be too if you had the […]

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I might have been torn to pieces

To the extent that I managed to translate the emotions into images– that is to say, to find the images which were concealed in the emotions– I was inwardly calmed and reassured. Had I left those images hidden in the emotions, I might have been torn to pieces by them. There is a chance that […]