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Content Disclaimer
Sundrip may at times contain raw and honest records of life as a survivor. This may be disturbing to some. This blog does not use trigger warnings on posts. Please read responsibly.

My Goal 

I’ve been in therapy since 1990. I left school early on Friday to see my therapist. I continued in therapy and received the diagnosis of what was then called Multiple Personality. Over the years I’ve seen many Psychologists and Psychiatrists, all have recognized the legitimacy of the primary diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder which is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder. With this in mind, my goal is to continue the therapeutic process of working through daily issues. I document my experiences and relationship with my therapist. My goal is to always be honest in my writing which means talking about positives, negatives, accomplishments and the bore of daily grind. I will cry. I’ll laugh. There will be a lot of complaining. lol This entry describes what it’s like to live with multiple personality disorder.

This is a short list of commonly used phrases concerning Dissociative Identity Disorder.

As you know nothing in life is 100% good or bad. So when you read you’ll find a bit of everything, humor and anger, fear, bravery and idle chatter. Not every entry will be about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) aka Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Despite impacting my life strongly, there are other parts of life I wish to discuss and process. Having mental health issues does not make me exempt from life changes or health changes, these issues and experiences are included in my writing. Everyday life changes don’t require a list of terms, but some mental health issues do

Alter – alter personality
Front runner, face, – the alter personality that is out the most to handle daily activities
Switching – switching from one personality to another
Original Person – the personalty from which the alter personalities split
System – the group of personalities

Who is Morton’s Pride?

The group of alter personalities created to protect the original personality is called Morton’s Pride. Those of us in Morton’s Pride see ourselves as lions.


As events in the system change, I will update them here.

Amy Smiles merged with Amy Pink. January 2014
Milwaukee merged with Maureen.
Maureen is in the process of full integration with the main personality aka the original person.
Maureen fully integrated with the main/original personality around April 2014.
Destiny fully integrated with the main/original personality around May of 2014.
Jordan, who used to go by the name No One or Nobody is now the front runner. She is female and about 18 to 20 years old. She became the front runner 2/2/14
Angel and Angelica the Whore have been renamed Sara and Anna. 12/22/14
LJ has decided she wants the L and J to stand for Little Jordan.
Morton has begun using his Spanish on a regular basis. I’m uncertain why. January 5, 2015
Amy has integrated with the original personality. August 2015
Morton successfully integrated. April 12, 2016
I found out a month late about the death of family members. I found out in June but the deaths were in May of  2016
For a year or longer the three Ariel’s have given themselves identifiers. Ariel Bianca (??), Arial Michelle (12), Arial Lovely (6) August 8, 2016
Arial Michelle has dropped the Arial and is now Michelle. Robert has shown a willingness to be physically aggressive if pushed too far. Jordan and Robert are out most often with Jordan still the primary frontrunner. February 2017
Crystal (19) changed her name to Emerald. She’s called Emery for short. 5/14/ 2017
Robert began 2 sessions a month with our therapist. It’s heavy. 6/17
Arial Michelle (12) has been out regularly, daily, now that we have a service dog named Clyde. Her high anxiety has calmed a bit. October 2017

Feb 10th – Aug 13th, 2018 I was in the hospital. Stage 4 Lupus symptoms. Blood clots, right foot amputated on March 7th, 2018.

Grandmother died July 7th, 2018. I found out on the net.

August 25th 2018 I moved to a new apartment after staying with friends after getting out of the hospital. I love it here.

August 6th, 2020 sexually assaulted 

November 13th, 2020 Uterine Ablation

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