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Gentle Peace a tea bag painting

I started this painting off with tea stains that I then painted in. I placed my reusable tea bag on the paper and left it there a few minutes. I moved it around here and there to leave spots and images. Once I was satisfied with the shapes I began to bring out the young […]

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Art Title: Emerson Art by: Faith Magdalene Austin Medium: Acrylic, ink, crackle medium, 24 x 17 inches on canvas sheet. RESERVED/SOLD Painting details: Emerson is a maze of faces, lines, vortexes, wheels and color. It is a painting showing chaos with resolution. The blue figure is shown with eyes closed but the figure is mindful. […]

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The Sun Rises on Dust and Clay

The dream I had was a terrible one. When I woke I felt sick inside. I lay there thinking of what my doctor said, you can change your dreams. He said if I don’t like the way the dream ended then I can write out exactly how the dream happened then write how I want […]

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My Sister’s Keeper

I couldn’t decide how to display the painting in this entry. There’s so much to it that I worried I’d leave out an important detail. The reason I like this painting is because of the details. The children are the focus of the painting but each raindrop of color, each stream rains with importance to […]

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Artist Thoughts: Waiting for new sight

I sometimes get stuck on a painting and put it up for a bit, then I take it out and hang it on the wall. I sometimes even frame the piece and look at it for awhile. There have been times I’ve passed a painting and thought, oh, I need a line here or oh, […]

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That Young Girl

Title: That Young Girl Art by: F. Magdalene Austin 6×8 canvas board, acrylic and ink painting, original SOLD She’s washed in color, draped in it. Her sad eyes look out at the viewer not for assistance but to offer it, to offer and explanation. This painting is in expression of life with Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

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Tin Man Wood Panel Painting

Art Title: Tin Man Art by: F. Magdalene Austin DETAILS: A silver and black figure poses as water drips over his shoulder. In one hand large fish dangle, the other is to his side and swirls to a close. On his chest is a gold that drips down mixing with silver, blue and black. Though […]

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Light and Tide

Art Title: Light and Tide Art by F. Magdalene Austin

Flowers Originals

Infused Oils

I’ve tried something new, infused oils. For this particular batch I used grapeseed oil to infuse hand cut, hand dried flowers to create a wonderfully fragrant infused oil that has many applications. This oil is not a perfume. Its strongest scent is brought out when used in the bath or heated for massage. Here is […]

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Willow – Handmade African-American Rag Doll

The Willow doll is 18 inches and full of sweet joy. She’s handmade and lovely. Willow is wearing a printed green dress that shows her love for nature. Her apron if filled with wildflowers picked by her own two hands. Curly-q tree branches were dipped in purple, pink and white to create wild flowers. She’s […]